The National Ice Cream Retailers Association (NICRA) is a trade organization whose members are in the retail ice cream and frozen dessert business. The members of NICRA are located all across the United States, Canada and several other countries. They operate hundreds of stores and have estimated annual sales in the millions of dollars. They employ thousands of full-time and part-time employees. Since 1933 NICRA has helped hundreds of ice cream and frozen dessert entrepreneurs get started and prosper.

If you are new to the business and are about to open your first retail establishment, or you are an operator with several stores, you will find many members of NICRA in the same position. A very strong characteristic of the NICRA organization is the free and frank exchange of information among members so that all may improve their operations, increase profits and prosper.

Manufacturers and Suppliers of ice cream, frozen desserts, specialty products, cones, nuts, toppings, flavorings, serving and food preparation equipment are eligible to become associate members of NICRA. These supplier members are an integral part of the NICRA organization.

NICRA annually sponsors the Bryce Thomson Scholarship Fund for full-time or part-time employees of Active members. Employees can be nominated for the scholarship by their employer, and nominees should be high school seniors who have applied and have already been accepted at an accredited public or non-profit college or university or current college freshmen, college sophomores or college juniors.

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