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We Invite you to Exhibit at our Virtual NICRA Convention and Trade Show. 

We would love to have you as an exhibitor at our upcoming show virtual trade show and convention on the 10th to the 12th of November 2020. The event will be fully live, virtual, and online this year which allows supplier businesses of all sizes, shapes, products, and services to exhibit before the largest frozen dessert business audience in the country.

What are the Advantages of a Virtual Trade Show?

There are numerous advantages to a virtual event that can help suppliers and exhibitors engage with their current contacts and potential customers.

  • Attendees are not restricted by geography. Virtual events can be accessed anytime around the country or around the world.
  • Budget-Friendly. Attendees are not restricted by travel budgets or health concerns and show booths and sessions can be accessed from home or a retailer’s business location; anywhere they have internet.

    Lower exhibiting costs. Having a virtual booth means no transport, accommodation, or printing expenses, as all sales and promotional material, is downloadable by the attendees.

  • Access to data. Virtual trade events capture more data and trends from their attendees that can be shared and tailored to your target audience.

  • Sponsorship opportunities are much more visual and interactive as your banners and buttons are strategically places and send attendees straight to your booth space or your website or associated link.

  • Attendees' access to recordings. All sessions, keynotes, and tradeshow information will be available to attendees for 30 after the event. After that time, the association can download these recordings to use in promotion and marketing activities.

What does a Virtual Trade Show Booth look like?

When a visitor to the Trade Show Section of the clicks on the "Trade Show" tab, they will be brought to a graphic that displays all of the exhibitor booths on the web page, tablet or phone.

When they click on your booth space, they will be taken to a webpage (your booth) and will have the ability to:

  • Join a live Stream Presentation
  • Chat live with your Sales Staff
  • Read a Bio of your Company
  • Access your FAQ Page
  • Watch Company videos
  • Connect with Social Media Links
  • Take a Poll or Survey
  • Download Virtual Business Cards
  • View your Show Specials
  • Download Sales and Spec Sheets
  • Book Future Appointments
  • Save Details to view later
  • Win prizes

You can publish times that your employees will be available for questions and answers, conduct slaes and power point presentations that can be viewed by as many people enter your booth at any given time.

All of this functionality will be available for 30 days after the 3 day live event.

Is it Easy to Set up a Virtual Booth?

Absolutely. If you have ever uploaded a pdf or video to an online platform, or filled out on online form, then the booth will be easy to set up. The NICRA Office will supply a how-to video and tutorials to help exhibitors get the most out of their virtual booths.

We would also be happy to review your booth with you to ensure you feel comfortable with the look and feel. You will able to access your booth space 30 days before the event to upload video, pdfs, and anything else you would like.

Do I need to be a NICRA Supplier Member?

You do need to be a member of NICRA to exhibit at the show. Supplier memberships are $275 for 12 months. If you need to join the association, the link is here:

Being a supplier member of NICRA allows you to network, support and present your products and service to the largest Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Retailer network in the country.

What is the Cost of a Virtual Booth this year?

There are three booth sizes available at this years virtual event. Please note that the functionality of every booth is the same on the inside, however the different sized booths reflect in the visibility on the virtual trade show floor.

This is a graphic of what the virtual trade show floor will look like.

You will note the different booth sizes. 

The Foyo Booth is a standard booth, the IDFA Booth is a medium booth and the Lloyds booth is a large booth

You can see how each booth size has a little variance in its visability on the virtual trade show floor.

Please note, again, that the fiuncationality of each booth is the same on the inside.

The different pricing models only reflect the size of the booth on the virtual trade show floor.

Also, leading up to the event, your booth space and logo will be visible to attendees looking at the event.

Your company logo is an active link to your website leading up to the event.


$450.00 - Standard Virtual Trade Show Booth

$600.00 - Medium Virtual Trade Show Booth

$750.00 - Large Virtual Trade Show Booth

Click on the link to booth and pay for your virtual trade show booth. You will then receive instructions on how to set up the booth and significant dates and times. 

Who Will this Event be Marketed to?

Due to the uniqueness of this year and this event, the NICRA office is using this event to attract as many attendees and new members to the event.

We will be using marketing efforts in the following segments:

  • Current Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert business owners.
  • General foodservice, restaurant, and food-oriented businesses.
  • Coffee shops, cafes and confectionery retail and wholesale businesses.
  • Potential foodservice business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Food truck and trailer associations and operators.
  • International Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert franchises, chain, and organizations
  • State, regional, national, and international restaurant associations.





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