Getting the Most out of your Cake Program

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 Sept 23 2018 Written for the 2014 September Bulletin by Cathy Quinn-Campbell of Bakery Craft

Take a glance over at your freezer case. What do you see? White sides of cakes, stacked on top of each other? Nothing grabbing your eye?

Guess what – that’s what your customers see when they walk in as well. You can have the best tasting product, but you need to show off a little in order to make
your customers notice. Here are some attention-grabbing ideas that will help you drive more product out the door.

The tops of all your cakes are full of color and decorations. But that is not what the customers see first. Having the right tools will help change that. Adding airbrush color to the sides and brightly colored borders will help to draw attention to your customer, even if all they wanted was a large vanilla cone dipped in chocolate.

Make sure to use a variety of colors so you have something for everyone. Also, think about your store and what your typical customer looks like. Do you cater to children? Then lots of pinks and light blues might be the way to go. Is there a local high school or college where the supporters put the “fan” in fanatic? Use airbrush colors to create cakes in the colors of that school.

Cake Wraps
Adding pre-made edible wraps will help to complete the theme you have on the top of the cake. Now that you have their attention, they can’t help but go over and look at what’s going on in that freezer? Changing up the border patterns will help change the look as well. Don’t use the same border on every cake. Your cakes will start to look like pre-made production cakes. And pre-made production cakes make the customer wonder how long they’ve been hanging around.

Keeping it new will keep them coming back to see what’s going on in that freezer. Now they know you do cakes and that you have a talented decorator, next time they need a cake…who do you think they will think of first?

Adornments and Cake Kits
One of the easiest ways to bring a season to life is to use adornments and cake kits on your ice cream cakes. There are Pop Tops and adornments created for all the major holidays (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas) and many of the minor holidays (St Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc). There are also many adornments created for various times of the year (Spring, Graduation, Summer, Patriotic). The addition of an adornment can take a plain cake and make it an interesting cake that can be the centerpiece of any gathering.

Any time a customer buys a cake, candles should be close at hand. Number candles, novelty candles, and regular candles should be on display to capture add-on sales and save your customer a trip to another store. Your goal is to keep them in your store as long as possible for maximum sales opportunities.

Photos on Cakes
A great way to personalize an ice cream cake is with a picture of the birthday boy or girl. Some companies have a system that offers a multitude of creative ways to enhance any photo including backgrounds, frames, text, and more. Create stunning personalized cakes and treats by using edible applique to provide one of a kind images by printing, cutting, and placing any size or shape designs to embellish your favorite cakes and treats. This is a great concept for birthdays
and graduation season. But there are also images for just about every type of event and season you can imagine.

Licensed Properties
Kids love anything to do with their favorite characters. And parents are willing to pay a little extra to have something that will match their party theme. Or maybe it’s just their child’s favorite character. Dress up an ice cream cake with images or novelty items and you’ll have parents coming back year after year.

Dressing Up a Simple Bowl of Ice Cream
Wanting to add a little something to your next promotion – think about dressing up a simple bowl of ice cream! If you are giving away a free scoop to Moms on Mother’s Day, add a “Happy Mother’s Day” ring or pick on the top. Giving away a bowl for anyone who wears his or her Halloween costume into your shop? Add Halloween eye picks and Witch’s Hat topper to make your ice cream just as dressed up as they are. There are countless options for any event or season.

Don’t forget birthdays!
Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck thinking about holidays and we forget that every day is someone’s birthday! Think about the number of people that come into your store during the year. They each have a birthday, right? Now multiply that number by 3, because each person also shops for other family members or friends. So that’s your potential for birthday cake sales. If they are in your shop to buy ice cream, why not sell them an ice cream cake for their birthday celebration?

Birthdays occur all year long so you will be developing repeat birthday business that will help drive consistent sales throughout the year



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