Membership Benefits

Monthly NICRA Bulletin

Every month, you will receive the NICRA Bulletin with information to assist you with Practical Advice on Daily Operations, Industry Trends, Tax Related Articles, Legislative Issues, Association News, Labeling Information, and much more. We give you examples of how others have improved their businesses.

Annual Convention

Held each year in a different city, the Annual Convention gives you the opportunity to hear industry leaders speak with messages directed to your business. You can participate in roundtable discussions where your questions and problems are addressed. Meet supplier members and look close up at their products and services. Make friends and exchange ideas with successful retailers from various parts of the country.

Annual Yearbook

A directory of Active Members, Supplier Members, product information and contact addresses, phone and fax numbers.

Ice Cream Clinic

Submit your ice cream to be analyzed and compared to ice cream standards by a professor of dairy science. The ice cream is scored according to color, texture, taste, bacterial count, and many other factors. Blue ribbons are awarded to those scoring the highest marks, then red and white ribbons. Vanilla is analyzed each year. Chocolate and strawberry are analyzed on alternating years.

Best New Flavor Contest

Held in conjunction with the annual Ice Cream Clinic, members submit samples of their best new flavor or a selected flavor to be judged by their peers at the Annual Convention. Attendees at the convention taste each sample and vote for the ice cream they like best. Certificates are awarded for first, second, and third place winners, in all categories.

Ideas Folder

New members receive a copy of the Ideas Folder, a binder filled with information about Business Planning, Marketing and Promotional Ideas, Operational Procedures, Information about Personnel, and Recipes. Updates are issued on a regular basis. you can keep your copies of the Bulletin and Sundae School Newsletter in the binder, as well as ideas gathered from many other NICRA sources.

Insurance Programs

The association is working with a company to provide quotes on group health and life insurance, disability, dental, vision, liability, workers compensation, and more.

Training Video Library

Produced with three key elements in mind: consistency, safety, and profitability. The 8-minute presentation will teach your employees proper scooping methods.