The Bryce Thomson Scholarship Award  – Now extended till Sept 21

The National Ice Cream Retailers Association (NICRA) annually sponsors the Bryce Thomson Scholarship Award for full-time or part-time employees of Active members. The Board of Directors of NICRA established the award in 1995, honoring Bryce Thomson, a man whose 55-plus years of commitment to the ice cream industry is unparalleled.

Active Members: Now is the time for you to nominate a deserving young person, who must also be one of your employees, for the 2018 Bryce Thomson Scholarship Award.

Download the official application form for the Bryce Thomson Scholarship Award here. This form may be duplicated if you have more than one nominee.

This year ten scholarships will be awarded in the following amounts: One $3,500; Two $2,500; One $2,000; One $1,500; and Five $1,000, totaling $17,000. Funds must be used within one year of the award. The winners will be announced at the 2018 NICRA Annual Convention in Colorado Springs, Colorado in November. Students will also have a choice as to how the money is awarded, for tuition, books, lab fees or room and board. The odds of winning a scholarship are EXCELLENT. Last year one in five applicants won a scholarship award.

Employees of Active Members, in good standing, are eligible for a scholarship award. An application fee of $25 for each nominee is required. The application fee is to be paid by the member store owner. Checks should be made payable to the Bryce Thomson Scholarship Fund and mailed along with the completed application, the student’s official transcripts (in a sealed envelope with the proper seal from the school) and a letter of recommendation from you to: National Ice Cream Retailers Association, 743 Spirit 40 Park Dr., Suite 105, Chesterfield, MO 63005.

A letter of recommendation from you is required. If you can, please comment on how you perceive the student’s need and family support or situation. All information is confidential. Your recommendation will count toward the selection criteria. Please include your letter along with the application, required fee and student’s official transcripts for each person you are nominating for a scholarship award. All of these elements must be included in the same envelope for the student to be considered for a scholarship award.

Applications must be received in the NICRA office on or before Friday, September 21, 2018. Late applications will not be accepted. Applications without all the proper documentation will not be considered. NICRA’s Bryce Thomson Scholarship Committee will select the winners based upon established criteria approved by the NICRA Board of Directors.

The competition for the Award is always close, so get started now and give your candidates more time to prepare their application.