Starting a Business

I am writing a business plan, where do I find industry statistics and gross sales?

Gross sales vary widely, depending on many factors in the frozen dessert industry. Factors that can affect gross revenue include seasonality, type of location, competition, operator ability. Statistics can be found by finding your Standardized Industry Classification (SIC) code from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission ( The SIC codes most associated with the retail ice cream industry are 5810 (eating and drinking places – retail), and 5812 (eating places – retail). Be sure to keep in mind that many types of businesses may be included in SIC analysis. Other places to look can include franchise circulars from similar type businesses. Getting involved in trade associations such as NICRA, and meeting owners of similar businesses can also be a good way to learn how existing businesses are financially performing.

How much does it cost to open a store?
What type of equipment do I need?
Where can I obtain information regarding licenses and permits for opening an ice cream store?
How much money can I make?
How big (or small) should the store be?
How do I find a good location?
How do I find help with store design and layout?
Who is an average customer and how much do they spend?
What are the Federal standards for ice cream and other frozen desserts?