The NICRA Convention Registration is NOW OPEN

Aug 17, 2018 Share on Facebook Share!

Registrations are now open for the NICRA show in Colorado Springs CO in November.

We are extremely excited about the venue and the program that is being put together for this premier ice cream and frozen dessert event.  Registrations can be sent in via mail, fax or completed online.

This year’s keynote speaker is Brian Smith from Ample Hills Creamery. Brian and his wife Jackie, have blazed a trail of growth in their business since first opening their first location in the spring of 2011: they actually ran out of ice cream and had to close the store for a couple of days to recoup.  They now have 9 permanent locations in and around new york, 2 seasonal locations and recently opened a new location on the west coast, as well as opening a production facility that houses a museum and a retail store.

Their collaboration with Disney and the introduction of the “Dark Side and “Light Side” Ice Cream was a huge marketing opportunity which resulted in a relationship with the head of Disney and a store in the Florida Disney Boardwalk.

We look forward to hearing more of Brians story at Convention

Link for online registration is now open at